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Greg Weatherly Designs provides Web and Logo Design services in addition to Content Authoring, SEO and Marketing to our clients with an affordable, turn-key packaged price solution.  We operate with the highest degree of integrity and proactive communication from start-to-finish in order to build lifetime relationships with our clients and earn positive testimonials and referrals.


Because we typically charge a fraction of what other developers do, we do ask for full payment upfront we guarantee as many revisions as you need until you are 100% satisfied with the inital layout.  Our fee is $995 and includes all design work listed in in the services section of our website.  On occaision we do run discounted specials for certain time periods and will honor that price up to the expiration date of the offer.  *On a case-by-case basis we will allow for 50/50 deposit/payment if your design budget requires it.  Work will begin once payment is received and we accept payment by check or credit/debit card or Paypal via our secure online merchant provider.  We will email a development punch list/agreement outlining the work to be done specific to your project allowing with an invoice for payment.  Once work has begun we do not offer refunds.  *As stated above we will guarantee as many revisions (within reason) as needed until you are 100% satisfied with the layout.  **Once the initial layout/design is complete and approved by you there could be additional costs for additional revisions (if there are many additional changes per your request).  This is a case-by-case basis.

What the Client Provides

As the client you will need to provide a domain name, hosting package and content (About Us, etc.) for each page of the website.

If you have specific images you'd like to use in your design you will need to provide them in the highest resolution files possible.  Images that are low-resolution (grainy/fuzzy or small file sizes) can have a direct effect on the quality of your design, so we highly recommend providing either existing images you own or purchasing them from a royalty-free image provider.  

Wix does provide a catalog of some professional images that can be used and has a direct relationship with Big Stock Photos where you can purchase high-quality, low-cost images.  GW Designs also maintains a small library of royalty-free images.  You (the client) must provide royalty-free images or original artwork so that there are no copyright infringements.  GW Designs will not be held responsible for any images that you change once development is complete or any images provided that are not owned by you either at the start of development or after the fact.

If you don't currently have a domain name, Wix does provide a FREE DOMAIN for one-year with the purchase of your hosting package.  You will also need to set-up an account at and we'll need your Wix login details.  This allows GW Designs to transfer your final design from our Wix Pro server to your specific Wix account and connect your hosting and domain to go live.

How It Works

Once we start on the development of your site it takes on average 8-10 business days to complete your initial design layout.  

We will email a link to view your initial layout and can then make any adjustments you'd like until we get the design exactly where you want it.  If you have sample sites that you'd like us to develop from, you can email us directly with links to those sample sites.  If there is a specific template in Wix that you like we are happy to use it and modify it for your needs.  Over 95% of our designs are developed from scratch (a blank canvas) so that we can create a unique look and feel for you.  If you have a current logo you'd like to use you can email it directly to us in the highest resolution format you have.  Transparent PNG files work best in Wix.  If needed our package price includes the development of a high-resolution logo to match the look and feel of your site and your target audience.  *We will provide logo versions to you once complete in PNG, JPEG and Vector for you to use in all your marketing going forward.  You own the rights to all logos, images and your site.

Following the initial layout it takes typically 2-3 weeks to complete your site (as long as we have all of your content).

For any other questions you may have regarding our policies feel free to Contact Us directly.

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